Sad sad mornings.

People are moving around,life is going on,and you’re there,overthinking and overthinking like the sad person you are,listening to your everyday playlist,preparing for an exam that you don’t even understand the very little bit of,and you don’t really know how,till then,you’re still managing to control your feelings strongly and stopping your tears for falling.
There are sometimes you just wish you didn’t meet that person who left you behind after getting you attached to him…feels so darn bad,yet,you’re trying your best to become that person you always dreamed of,never lost that ambitions of yours,still keeping the same thinking and pov’s,life is a serie of ups and downs,but your patience,is mesured here,and how you deal with it,keep faith in yourself,you will surely overcome this,you will,we all do eventually,so why not you too


Love . A really weird word easy to catch but complicated . For me love is just a chimical reaction that our body don’t know to manage or control so our Hands start shaking , butterfllies in the tummy and heart keeps racing so you have that strange feeling of falling in an infinite hole ,gravity don’t work anymore for you and you keep falling like an angel from a sweet paradise to a fiery hell. the sad part of the story is that tiny little heart is made of glass it just takes a little minute of lack of attention to drop it down and break it to a million pieces.
Love,a word composed of 4 letters,yet multiple meanings it turns you into a complete new person,makes you weak and might drive you crazy,all those feelings you can’t really control nor hide,you just feel so darn excited and happy,waiting for that special moment with that special person that makes you the happiest woman alive,you just keep raising all those hopes inside of you,wishing to spend the rest of your life with him,praying for his safety and health,you just keep making all those undescribable efforts and take dangerous risks,just for the sake of LOVE.
BUT,and with time,his feelings for you will fade,leaving you in a big circle of pain and hesitation,incapable to love nor to be loved.

Long tiring day.

It’s 7:52 am,i’m all dressed up and ready for a long school day,physically not mentally,gladly i have my friends beside me,they always help me in overcoming this.
It’s 7:55 am,and i’m feeling that sweet morning breaze hitting me right in the face,i feel refreshed and renewed.
On my earphones,Frank Vallie’s can’t take my eyes off you,all good,all nice.
It’s 7:58 am,and i’m remembering last night’s match,what a masterpiece,Real Madrid is coming back,what a thrill! as a fan,it feels good to see all the players putting both mind and heart on the pitch,Varane…haltek s3iba lol.
What a beautiful sunny day,27th of november,little cold,yet there’s this pretty paysage i wish i could take a pic of right now,too bad the car is driving fast so as i could get to school in time (thumbs up to mum ❤ )
And yeeees,maroon 5 song *Memories* just played on the radio,i take off my earphones and enjoy those 3 minutes of thinking about how life could change in the matter of months,weeks,days or even hours !

It’s 11:19 am,i’m in classroom that has about 90 or 80 students in it,all bored,in a civilsation and culture class,trying to manage and deal with this deadly boredom.
Speaking about religion,mausolées,and mosqs,prejudice and multiple other stuff.
Culture…what is that supposed to mean ? to me ? it’s pretty vague actually,i have no clear idea in my bored mind right now,yet i am trying to have patience for the upcoming hour.

It’s 19:26 pm,the end of this long tiring day for me,end of studies,i really need to get some sleep and i’m literally freaking out because of friday’s microeconomics exam,will do fine probably,Good night❤

30 minutes before the match.

what if all this was a silly mistake ? what if writing the things that i think about is totally wrong ? all those ideas bumping out into my head,yet the only thing that i manage to do perfectly is write down all the things i feel,is that really wrong ? i don’t think so,it’s just that everyone of us has its way to express,some talk,some cry,some even laugh which is kinda awkward,[yet no judging lol],i write,well for the moment,this is what really relieves me,makes me ‘me’.
so to all those who have few trust issues,write them down,like i do,it’ll seem weird and completely immature at first,but,trust me,a little try will never go wrong.
we’ve all been through heart breaks,fake friends,promises that people gave us and that they took for granted,have you ever sat with yourself and just thought about how much people you helped and cared about,but they didn’t care in return,extremely sad and hard yet so true.
due to my past shitty experiences in friends (yes shitty and i really am not sorry) i’ve been able to come up with a little conclusion,those who want you in their lives would fight to win you back if you take distances,if they don’t,please don’t keep living in the past,don’t expect them to do the impossible while they haven’t even been able to do the possible for you.
self esteem is key.


Never thought i’d be doing this one day,but here it goes,no regrets,just Love.

Let’s start this shall we ! you all deserve a little presentation,my full name is El Adlouni Fatima Zahra,an average 18 year old,currently a student at L’ENCG aka École nationale de commerce et de gestion and precisely in Fez,Morocco. Can’t be more proud,owwww yeah what i’ve been through to get the school i always dreamed of,but hey,it was worth it 😉 .

I’ve been overthinking quite alot before making such a step,i mean,sharing your life with a bunch of people isn’t that easy,but we’ll make it out eventually,we always do,don’t we ?

Hope you liked this modest yet nice presentation,oh and my life story ? will definitly write it and share it out 🌻